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Destinations in Ulaanbaatar city


Gandan Buddhist Monastery:

Gandan 1The monastery was established in 1838 and is the most active and one of the largest monasteries in Mongolia. See morning chanting, beautiful temples and the huge 27 meters high gold plated Buddha “Megjid Janraisig”.





Museum of Natural History:

The museum was originally established in 1924. The museum has 41 halls and displays of representative selections of Mongolian geology, flora, fauna, geography, paleontology (including many famous dinosaur fossils) and anthropology.

National Museum of Mongolian History: The museum was established in 1924 and its collection contains over 50000 historical, archeological and ethnological artifacts from prehistoric times to the present. A representative selection of exhibits is displayed in 10 halls, arranged according to historic periods and topics.


Genghis Square (Sukhbaatar Square):

The city’s central square, in front of the Mongolian Parliament building. The square is surrounded by the most important government, business and cultural office buildings. This is the center of Ulaanbaatar.





Bogd Khaan Palace Museum:

Bogd Khaan Palace Museum is last Mongolian king’s winter palace. The palace was built between1893-1903 and King Bogd lived in this palace with his queen for more than 20 years. Bogd Khaan’s Winter Palace Museum contains a rich collection of the king & queen’s unusual clothes, items they used in everyday life, gifts received from foreign dignitaries, the Buddhist leader’s valuable articles used as leader of Mongolian Buddhists, some of his childhood toys, a ger lined with the skins of 150 snow leopards and many more unforgettably interesting exhibits.


Zaisan Hill War Memorial:

The huge monument on the top of the hill was created as a memorial to the soldiers who died in World War II. Zaisan Hill overlooks the city and offers the best panoramic view of Ulaanbaatar.





International Intellectual Museum:

The museum was established in 1990 with over 5000 puzzles and toys from Mongolia and around the world on display, starting with simple ones consisting of two pieces to difficult ones of 673 pieces. Visitors are allowed to touch and challenge themselves by trying to solve the puzzles. If you have children, this is definitely a place worth visiting!

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