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Hiking and Trekking tour

Let’s travel across the Gobi Desert and the secluded land of central Mongolia. A trip to the Gobi Desert offers you a real adventure into the magnificent landscape of the mysterious rocky hills, colorful sandy cliffs, exquisite sand dunes and endless vast steppes. In the Gobi you will have opportunities to ride two-humped camel, visit a nomadic family, see the orange sunset,climb the highest sand dune. Then a trip to Central Mongolia brings you to crystal clear freshwater lakes, a hot spring, flower-covered valleys, spectacular forested mountains, famous cultural and historical sights, and beautiful protected areas with abundant wildlife.

The most popular tourist destinations in Mongolia are the Kharakhorin, the ancient capital of Great Mongolian Empire and Lake Khuvsgul, “The Crystal Blue Pearl” of Mongolia. This entirely overland tour will take you from Ulaanbaatar to Central and Northern Mongolia. Central Mongolia is extremely rich in historical and cultural sites related to Mongolian Nomads. Visit Northern Mongolia to see and enjoy Lake Khuvsgul, “The Crystal Blue Pearl” of Mongolia. The lake itself is one of the natural wonders of the earth and it is the second largest freshwater lake which contains 1% of the world’s fresh water.

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